Be more sustainable, eco conscious, earth friendly with your interior design

All massive buzz words right now and thank goodness for that – it must never leave our minds.

As we all contemplate the well-ness of our planet it strikes me that there many ways we can look to be being greener in interior design and decoration. I appreciate that sometimes this involves a price hike but, honestly, I think everything and anything we can do will make a difference to the life of our planet.

Used Kitchen Exchange

One company everyone’s talking about (literally everyone from The Guardian to Grand Designs and me!) and I really admire is the Used Kitchen Exchange. Kitchens are probably the single biggest and most expensive items in our houses and often they are simply ripped out, chucked away in place for a new one. Yet this company’s idea is simple. You can buy, or sell, a good condition used kitchen for a fraction of the price. Some of the kitchens are simply ex-display.They are tackling longevity, recycling and price all at once.

Below are some tips for greener interior design choices

• Recover or reupholster your sofas and seating and have bespoke items make just for you for half the price

• Try ethical UK made paints that are water based with low toxicity (VOC) such as Earthborn, Little Green, Benjamin Moore and others.

• Less known about are eco wallpapers but they are growing in range from papers made from managed forests to chlorine and plastic free options and papers made with low VOC ink. You could try Graham & Brown and Farrow & Ball.

• Earth friendly fabrics and upholstery are also coming into the market place. Ideally they would be safe on the environment, recycled and biodegradable. Fabric composition could include linen, cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool. Look for the GOTS symbol, Global Organic Textile Standard.

• If you are into vegan movement there is Vegan Interior Design where ALL products sourced do not harm any living beings or the planet. You could look to use cruelty free leather, faux fur, sisal instead of wooL, felt, soy candles, duvets and cushions without down filling. None of these products are hard to find these days.

• Choose antique, reclaimed or upcycled furniture, glass and mirror.

• Buy energy efficient LED light bulbs, fairy lights and solar outside lights.

• Adopt all natural cleaning products. If you live in Sussex try Green Goddess they’re brilliant and made locally.

We can make it happen

Clearly the list can grow and grow especially when considering materials for house builds, energy, waste recycling and so on but these are some more day to day ideas that each one of us can consider.

I honestly do believe that that if we link up every bit of effort we can into our homes and businesses, it has to make a difference.

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