Hi I’m Georgie. Welcome to my interiors and well-being business..

What I love and value the most are my clients; I love getting to know my customers, understanding their needs and helping them get what they would like be it house renovations, mindfulness coaching or more general advice on well-being.

Often my client stories have similar themes; busy lives, differences of opinions, worry, money, lack of confidence to name a few. I find it all fascinating and decided almost immediately that I wanted an interior design business that focused on insightful practices and offered well-being through design.

I also wanted to break away from the idea that interior design is solely for those who have large houses and larger budgets. I wanted my version of interior design to be for everyone, whether it’s a quick consultation or a more in-depth design solution, it is all equally valid in my eyes.

and then came mindfulness

I’ve always had a very strong focus on well-being to my interiors business. Working closely with clients, their families and understanding the rituals, rythmns and hurdles of their lives has fascinated me and, in many ways, encouraged me to take the step to become a mindfulness teacher.

Georgie is a pleasure to work with. She completely understood our needs; being a family with 3 boys the solution needed to be robust but stylish.

JR, London

Interiors by Georgie helped me understand and express our style across our house, working with me from room to room – ensuring a central personality and feel across the house. Nothing was ever too much.

SR, Hassocks

I was given Gift Vouchers for Interiors by Georgie. I knew what I wanted, but no idea how to get there in a short space of time. Georgie provided a clear ‘road map’ that she guided me along, giving expert advice and suggesting new ideas I’d not considered, and she carefully tailored her process to suit me…..a luxury experience!

KS, Sussex

Georgie advised us prior to our building work. She listened to our issues and was able to help us work out the flow and circulation of the space to suit our family life.

EH, Sussex

We couldn’t have achieved the results we have without Georgie. I will definitely enlist her help and expertise for future projects.

JMcG, Hurstpierpoint

Everyone needs some Georgie magic!

CT, Sussex

With Georgie’s help and expertise we have transformed both rooms and are delighted with the result.

JW, Sussex

Everything looks so lovely and completely changes the feel of things – it’s just as I had hoped.

EG, Sussex

Georgie added the ‘wow’ factor we had been missing.