Here I am. Like many of you, I’m a working mum with two kids. Life’s busy and that’s the way I like it!

I quickly came to realise that what I love and value the most are my client relationships; I love getting to know my customers, understanding how I can help them get what they want, discovering what stops them from getting in touch.

Often the hindrences are very similar; busy lives, a difference of opinions, worry, money, lack of confidence to name a few. I found it all fascinating and decided almost immediately that I wanted an interior design business that focused on insightful practices and offered well-being through design.

I also wanted to break away from the idea that interior design is solely for those who have large houses and larger budgets. I wanted my version of interior design to be for everyone, whether it’s a quick consultation or a more in-depth design solution, it is all equally valid in my eyes.

and then came mindfulness

My interest in clients sparked something very powerful. I realised I have huge interest in people, how they tick and a very clear desire to help. For my own personal reasons, I tried out an 8 week mindfulness course and I found it so interesting and transformative that I decided to embark on a year long Mindfulness Teacher Training.

It’s going to be a wonderful addition to my business and I’m looking forward to seeing what shape this takes going forward.
If you’re interested in my Mindfulness business it’s called TIME FOR THE MIND and you can find out more about it HERE or CONTACT ME and I will be very happy to help.