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So what is mindfulness?

Often people say to me it’s relaxing, breathing and time out and yes it is all of these things but it’s much, MUCH more as well. I love the expressions of ‘falling awake’ or a ‘radical act of kindness’ …

Mindfulness is a cultivation of personal awareness. A noticing of one’s own patterns of thinking, feeling and sensing in any given situation and learning how to respond skilfully to these sensations.

It was first developed by Jon Kabbat Zinn at the University of Massachussetts medical school, and has been used for nearly 40 years to help with stress, anxiety, and chronic health problems, as well as to promote resilience, wellbeing and flourishing.

In the UK, the key centres for Mindfulness are The University of Oxford Mindfulnes Centre and The Centre of Mindfulness Research & Practice at Bangor University. Both of these centres have been at the forefront of research and training since circa 2008.

I am a mindfulness teacher

studying at the Sussex Mindfulness Centre (NHS Sussex Partnership). I have a particular interest in mindfulness for significant life changes and difficulties which might include the work place, divorce and grief/bereavement.

In addition, I am a qualified and experienced volunteer grief counsellor and this involves regular CPD training on a wide set of topics around loss and change. I have practised yoga and meditation for 25 years and counting!

Throughout 2021 I will be offering mindful meditation sessions.

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“Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, staying present and responding skilfully to what’s happening in our lives. It helps people manage their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships with awareness and compassion, leading to greater well-being and appreciation, as well as more choice in how to meet difficulties.”

Mindfulness Sussex

“Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that can help you manage and prevent feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, or discontent. It enables anyone who practices it to live a more attentive, appreciative and vibrant life.”

Oxford Mindfulness Centre