My style or yours?

I’m all curious about this idea of STYLE. It has currency doesn’t it. Does your house have it? Are you clothes stylish? Do you have good tastes? Do you even care?

So far this year I feel I’ve been on a super highway of trend and advice for 2020. On one particular day I saw at least four posts announcing dark blue was in, another chartreuse, mint green and finally peach tones.

Hot on the heels of these posts was a blog claiming a definitive list of 8 different interiors styles; those being scandi, vintage, classic, coastal, eclectic, industrial, minimalist and contemporary. But what about those other strong and beautiful styles like rustic chic and mid century modern – these are known and successful styles that I absolutely love and see a lot. Why don’t they get on the list?

Finding a unique and creative response to an important interiors project is a fascinating process.

It’s understandable that in the face of all of these messages our enthusiasm to find our own unique style gets a little dampened, deflated even. So what do we do? How do we discover a personal style for an important home project?

Playing out a particular trend ‘by the book’ is completely fine. Yet, in reality, this is rarely the case. Most people have furniture from another time, heirlooms that need to be incorporated, individual loves and desires that are waiting to be aired. Finding a unique and creative response to an important interiors project is an important and interesting process, one that many people aren’t aware of or just don’t know how to do. I love to lead my clients through these professional and reflective steps and see what the outcomes are.

Give yourselF time to think about what your tastes are and what that means to you.

It’s so worthwhile to give yourself a little time to really think about what your tastes are, how you want your environment to feel and what that means to you. BE COURAGEOUS AND DIVE IN! Dedicating time to this can only bring confidence and a renewed sense of excitement and love for an upcoming interior design project.

Going through these contemplative exercises is the best way that I can lead my clients on their journey. It’s you and your tastes that I really care about and how these can be played out in the best way possible.

Sounds appealing and familiar?

If you’re interested in looking deeper into a creative style for your home interiors project and learning life long skills why not book a ticket on my next WORKSHOP with the Happy Home Team, it’s taking place this Friday 14 February in Hassocks. The last one was fully booked and fabulous and this one promised to be the same!

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