As a musician and artist I have a constant desire to create new things.

I am always looking to what I can make next, trying to work out the details and how to find the components.

With Hipahipa! Lamps I hope to raise the bar from fabric covered shades and make them works of art in their own right. I use my own paintings and photography to create the images that you can see on my lampshades.

My love of product design, painting, photography, textiles all come together with Hipahipa!Lamps. In using materials and subjects close to my heart there will always be new ideas or ways to do things.

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=”Hipahipa!Lamps”]”I like to look for the beauty in all things and have developed Hipahipa! Lamps from a desire to make the ordinary everyday into something more wonderful. To capture light is one thing, but to celebrate art and light together brings new meaning.”[/beautifulquote]

At the end of the day they have to work to radiate light without overpowering the space. This is why I particularly enjoy working on commissions. The client gets to be involved in the creative process, the image is often based on a moment or place that is dear to them. The exciting part is then finding what will work and how to turn that moment or memory into a celebration of light.

I have now also developed a way to turn a favourite vase into a lamp. With high end brass fittings and wonderful coloured modern flex, I can upcycle a vase into a new unique statement piece for the home.

I also make vintage teardrop carboys as lamps in a range of sizes. I think these are covetous, curvaceous creations and I LOVE them.

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