We should love being at home right?

It’s our sanctuary, the space that suits us and our families perfectly, isn’t it?

Yet often the train of thought I hear from clients the most is “Yes our home’s OK, well, it could be a whole lot better if only we could find the time, decide what we like, find someone to help us… Actually, hold on, there are lots of things that have really been bothering us for ages… Cup of tea?”

My clients get their problems off their chests and I get to understand how I can help. It’s very cathartic, I watch as tensions appear, and then disappear, smiles return to faces, long lost thoughts resurface and desires are aired for the first time. Already an interiors plan is evolving.

And I love it, it’s what I do. I like to listen, to capture snippets of dreams and come up with ideas and schemes that will bring harmony into an old or new home.

Sounds appealing and familiar?

Take a look at my Services page or call me on 07919 270223.

Tell me why your home is on your mind. That really is all it takes, a first conversation, and that first conversation is FREE.

Better still, be tempted to try us out. Buy our Gift Vouchers and you can start the experience immediately. I think you’ll love it. Gift vouchers are fabulous and not just for Christmas, they’re for any occasion or season and they last a whole year.

What else can you expect?

  • FREE flowing thoughts on what I believe in and why it’s important now and in the future.
  • FREE design tips.
  • FREE insights into all sorts of local talented people… and a whole lot more.

Keep reading and sharing.