Interior design is all about cushions isn’t it?

My latest blog was inspired when someone in the building industry brushed off interior design saying “it’s all about cushions, isn’t it?”.

Then an existing client in amazement commented,  “I had no idea of the level of detail involved, we are very lucky to have you”.

So, I have to say a huge thank you to both these people because it’s made me realise that most people, particularly in the UK, don’t know what an interior designer does or can do.

In the US though, it’s quite usual to ‘have’ an interior designer and to call them just as you would your doctor or therapist.

You are very important to me!

If you’re thinking of taking the interior design step, then here’s some insight as to how I work.

Firstly, my customers are very important and for my work to be successful I need to get to know YOU and your tastes – so expect some insight time.

Be prepared to get involved in your project, I need you to collaborate with me at many points during the process.

An interior designer can offer many skills from the softer fun stuff like inspiration,  colour work and product finding to harder skills such as floor plans and illustrations.

Depending on your point of view, the skills list can continue into colour therapy, feng shui, space clearing and much, much more. And it’s all valid and available.

So, you see it’s not just about cushions!

Hopefully you will find me insightful, knowledgable and flexible. Your budget might only fit some of this skill set and that’s absolutely fine.

Long lasting effects

It’s worth noting though that the long lasting effects of effective and creative interior design is always well worth the spend.

For me, as long as the work I’m doing has made the difference my customer wants and gives them a greater sense of well-being in their surroundings, then it’s a success and I like successes – very much.

For more information on my interior design packages visit my services pages OR better still give me a call on 07919 270223.

Thanks for reading and catch you next time!