It’s been simple, fulfilling and enough.

I feel like I used to say that a lot, “I’d just like to be at home more” but life always seemed to get in the way and it didn’t quite happen.

It’s with a lot of gratitude, not guilt, that I realise I’m enjoying being at home during this weird virus time. I don’t think I’m alone either. I’m interested to notice that lots of people are saying the same. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait for this lock down to end but I’m also feeling that I’d like this pattern of living to continue. I like the slowness, I can observe, live and enjoy life in a way I haven’t done for a long time or even before.

In the past I’ve shared flats, lived on my own and now I live in a family home but I can honestly say that I’ve hardly ever had much time just ‘being at home’. From working full time, partying full time, having a family and being involved in family life I’ve not often got to grips with just hanging out at home. Maybe for bits of time, bits of a day with lots of things to do, bits of a weekend with lots of errands to run, never for holiday (I would rather walk over hot coals than stay at home for a school holiday). I’ve never had a proper chunk of extended time at home, without anything in my diary.

It’s with a lot of gratitude, not guilt, that I realise I’m enjoying being at home

Being at home feels like I’ve finally put on my favourite jumper. I’m not looking at it in the cupboard, wishing for the right time to wear it, I’ve finally got it on and it feels great. It has brought a real sense of contentment, it’s a pretty nice place, it’s familiar and I like it. I’m seeing it in a different light. I’ve discovered that whilst there are things to do, not much is wrong in an y kind of a serious way. I have noticed how a new family rhythm has evolved, each of us zipping in and out of different rooms, getting territorial about certain spaces at certain times of the day, we’re enjoying finding different places to be from the garden to the window seat in the sitting room to the little reading/spare bedroom. The house is actually being used fully, properly even.

Just ‘being’ at home has had it’s challenges but it has made us appreciate what and who we have in our lives

In my normal life I manage to ringfence time in the early morning just for me to work, to exercise or whatever but given that I work from home and am here a considerable amount is it strange that I don’t enjoy it more? I think I treat my house like a vessel or a sheltering place. During the day I never put my feet up to read, I don’t spend time in rooms that aren’t ‘mine’. I realise I’m involved in just a fraction of my home but recently I’ve been enjoying more of it.

Really, I’m very grateful for what this unprecedented and strange time has given us. Just ‘being’ at home has had it’s challenges but it has made us appreciate what and who we have in our lives. It has made us reconnect with each other, with our community and made us see how we’re all connected in the bigger picture of life and the universe. On the whole, just ‘being’ at home has allowed us to redress a bit of balance.

It’s been simple, fulfilling and enough.

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