10 Top tips for installing a woodburner in your home

I know it may seem like the moment has passed and that Spring is on the way but I have to tell you that including a woodburner into any room or home scheme needs planning and it needs budget. It certainly is not as simple as ‘just putting a wood burner in’! So this blog is giving you a huge heads up on what you need so that you can plan for the year ahead. Get planning to successfully incorporate any kind of fire in your property or property renovation.

A wood burner is cosy, calm and conforting

So, if you’re considering something similar, here are 10 Key things to consider:

• Budget. Woodburners can be expensive and so is installation, especially if an existing fireplace does not exist. Do your research way in advance and always get good professional advice.
• Location& Flue. Woodburners need a flue so it’s important to know where you’d like it to go (room and place). Chimney stacks need to be checked for existing use, condition, size and whether they need to be swept and lined.
• Ventilation. All stoves need air to burn. Building Regulations say that stoves under 5kW do not need an external air supply but all stoves over this size need an external air supply. Woodburners in a kitchen with an extractor fan need special consideration (and often are not allowed) because the extractor fan draws air from the room and this can be dangerous.
• Regulations. Installation of carbon monoxide alarms are a requirement for each stove, and these alarms should be tested regularly.
• Size. Make sure that the size of the burner and it’s heat output is right for the size of the room. A burner that is too cold or too hot for a room is very disappointing.
• Style. There’s a huge number of woodburners on the market these days so do your research on what you like and what fits with the they style of your house.
• Size & Impact. Be sure that a woodburner will still allow you to fit all the furniture you’d like in the room. They can be bulky, they usually sit away from the wall and they usually need a hearth to sit on. All of this must be taken into account.
• Fuel. Some stoves burn wood and some are multi fuel that take both coal, coke and wood. If you live in a city, you should also check whether you are in a smoke-less area as this could impact your decisions.
• Demonstration. When your stove is installed make sure you get a demo. It’s really important to know how to get the most out of your burner. It’s definitely something you need to get the hang of.
• Remember to enjoy it and make sure you get the chimney swept!

I find fire mesmerising and I love it in the home one way or another. If it’s not possible to have a fire or woodburner, you could enjoy the ambience of fire bowl or even a BBQ. Having any kind of fire is a great way to bring the family together (the animals love it too!), to teach one another how to use, handle and respect fire is an important life lesson for all the family.

Well that’s it folks. I hope you find this post useful and that it helps to inspire you during this pandemic and for life beyond.

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